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Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 11th July 2018

Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s WatchThe Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch qualifies even as a first-time buy for newbies! For veteran collectors, it is going to add one more jewel to their collections.

The Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch has a color scheme that’s different from the rest. Calling it beautiful, or bold or striking will be understatements; the reddish tinge of the dial resembles the discoloration that occurs through decades to an otherwise off-white dial with environmental factors influencing the change. Thus, its design becomes a perfect choice for those looking for a real classic-looking piece that won’t falter anytime soon. You can wear it to work, to formal parties and social gatherings and yet, to a chilled out weekend. Its Japanese Quartz movement is never going to let you down if you are attentive to its requirements about battery replacements every couple of years.

The Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch fits ever wrist size perfectly. It has been designed to provide maximum comfort and ease of use. Only top quality materials found way into the Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch.

Despite its classic ambience, the Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch offers a peppy, sporty feature which is the chronograph; it is fairly accurate in its function and is perfectly suitable for use in recreational sports. The watch also conveys time in a 24 hour format but its real function is to help you adjust to time differences when you are crossing from one time-zone to another. It is very much a traveler’s watch, especially if you are flying business class. And just like most of the watches today, it also displays the date, which needs to be adjusted manually for even months.

From the top, the Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch is covered by a fairly scratch proof mineral crystal, which is essential for retaining the brand new look. The surgical grade steel construction is durable and hardy and needs deliberate abuse to gather scratches and dents. All these make the Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch a simple yet highly defined, refined watch that’s packed with useful features; highly desirable yet simple, with everything provided in metered doses. The details contrast subtly, which proves the watch to be very easy on the eyes.

Blending modern functionality with an elegant, classic design, the Emporio Armani Watches are perfect for any type of clothing as long as it’s not ultra-casual. Its stylish and highly sophisticated design is simply perfect for business professionals looking for a high degree of versatility.

Bottom Line: The Emporio Armani Sportivo Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch is always going to be at the top of the favorites list of classic watch lovers.

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Emporio Armani Sportivo Chronograph AR5935 Men’s Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 6th January 2016

Emporio Armani Sportivo Chronograph AR5935 Men's WatchAnyone even moderately dressed in contemporary attire do not need an introduction to Armani. Those stepping or stepped into good clothing – Emporio Armani is an ultra high end brand whereas Giorgio Armani is the man behind it!

The label is mostly designed by Giorgio himself. There’s variety in the brand. Clothing and other accessory items aside, the label presents an extensive range of unique watches. These are the Emporio Armani watches, higher-end than the Armani Exchange line.

Giorgio Armani’s focus has always been the same; he wants his watch to tell more than just time. It is also to reveal something about the wearer. The outlook inspired some of the most distinctive creations to hit the fashion-scene hard. Emporio Armani line becomes a force to be reckoned with. The fashion of highlighting a little to the wearer’s every side was in.

Cool, casual, spirited and sporty, the Sportivo AR5935 chronograph is for the times when outing aboard a private yacht. Or – amidst a dressy date and dinner. Or, just any festive mood, that way. It has just the right look for every personality, mindset, mood and occasion; doesn’t matter what state of mind you are in. The Emporio Armani Watches confident design has a presence of its own.

The primary USP is the stunning design given a strong, smooth finish. Being an exclusive brand, a high quality built is assured. Its value is comparably higher than most of its similarly-priced alternatives. Sophistication comes with a modern touch in the Sportivo chronograph.

The sleek form brings it under the category of fashionable and modern dress watches. An informed yet freewheeling look gets boost from its youthful lines; the finest of materials to stand considerably larger impacts, the Mens Emporio Armani Watches are a favourite among the young and active in the upper crust. It conveys a classy coolness that’s more urban with its pairing of ultra-sophisticated leather and icy-cool stainless steel with a warm glow. It harbours an irresistible urge towards the satisfaction of the youthful, fashion spirit.

Elegantly sporty, its large, rose-gold ionic-plated stainless steel case and dark blue dial and subdials (with rose-gold accents) and band bring a look of utter refinement with formal, corporate or ethnic attires. As extra functionality, the three-eye chronograph measures time of an event up to 60 minutes and there’s a date window.

The coming together of sport and fashion within the barriers of sophistication is a rare phenomenon at a price point as with the Mens Emporio Armani Watch AR5935 Men’s Watch. An unbeatable style that goes from the boardroom to the ballroom, its funky-formal looks is assured to merge flawlessly into brightly-lit cubicles as much as under the dimly-lit chandeliers and candles.

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