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Seiko Lord Chronograph Quartz SPC188 SPC188P1 SPC188P Men’s Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 27th March 2018

Seiko Lord Chronograph Quartz SPC188 SPC188P1 SPC188P Men’s WatchDespite its regal appearance, the Seiko Lord Chronograph Quartz SPC188 SPC188P1 SPC188P Men’s Watch commits towards becoming an outstanding success that by no way you can call taxing!

At 43mm, the Seiko Lord Chronograph Quartz SPC188 SPC188P1 SPC188P Men’s Watch stands at par with today’s standard sizes, but the thing that makes it different is its refined elegance of a time bygone, which definitely looks great with a suit. But why quartz, after all? We’ll answer that in the following paragraph.

Seiko earned more expertise than anyone else in the industry in creating high performance quartz watches that come packed with good to elegant looks. So when Seiko planned a new interpretation of a classic theme, the Seiko Lord Chronograph Quartz SPC188 SPC188P1 SPC188P Men’s Watch showed up clad in a technology that’s much more accurate and consistent than the usual mechanical watches.

The Lord watches are Seiko’s high mid-range offerings. In the Seiko hierarchy, it sits above the Seiko 5 but beneath the Presage and Grand Seiko. There’s almost no difference in the material quality and finish of the Lord with the other two; still, the Lord is a lot more affordable.

As you look at the Seiko Lord Chronograph Quartz SPC188 SPC188P1 SPC188P Men’s Watch, you witness a rare elegance, which kind of explains the name Seiko Lord. You won’t find the Lord included in Seiko’s mainstream collections; neither are they referred to on their main website. Seiko pays respect to the Lord collection by devoting an entirely separate website to them, which proves the craftsmanship to put these watches apart.

It doesn’t matter if you are in favor the euro market more than the Asian or vice versa, you’ll be surprised with the Seiko Watches. Targeted to wearers from in their mid-20s and onward, it’s a dressy watch that makes you appear affluent and business oriented. It’s the power of design that speaks about the real values of watch making.

Decades of experience was brought to the making of the Seiko Lord Chronograph Quartz SPC188 SPC188P1 SPC188P Men’s Watch, so things can’t go wrong in the departments of seamless high performance and elegant designs. This particular Lord is one of those few rare gems perfectly harmonizing performance with design; a fine combination that Seiko believes to be something that can transform the world of timekeeping, much in the same way as Seiko did back in 1969. This time, it is more upscale, more beautiful; in so far as the design goes. Like many higher-end watches in the dress category, it is very much inspired by the Swiss masterpieces and them alike, time is going to prove very kind to the Seiko Solar Chronograph Men’s Watch. If it ages, it will certainly age far better than any other watches, even with much higher price tags.

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Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer Chronograph SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 9th February 2016

Seiko Velatura Mens WatchWearing fine timepieces is one thing while enjoying it is something else. The Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer Chronograph SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch allows both! As a top notch choice for practical men and women, it denotes success not via waste. Its efficiency is reason enough to don it.

A high-end watch is the culture of luxury. You either live in it or you don’t. Understand the culture of luxury – it is collective desire and appreciation for everything finely made with display tags reading expensive, classy, high-society etc. To be successfully successful, good taste important.

Luxury is also about social values and the Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer Chronograph SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch act as a very real descriptor. It allows you to be comfortable in social involvements while keeping you ready for scenarios where it can display its real prowess.

The launch of the Velatura series (2007) got Seiko started challenging the open oceans. Characterized by robustness, durability and high functionality, Velatura is the watch partner of the International 49er Class Association. It currently forms the core for the brand’s renowned marine collections and it amazes also with its unique design and advanced features, not just by its high performance. It comes specially developed for professional sailors.

Seiko gives functionality an upper hand with the Seiko Prospex Diver SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch. It is an advanced instrument for yacht racing, in a unique, striking design. Functional and attractive, it satisfies the highest of professional standards.

The Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer Chronograph SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch is extremely tough but at the same time, extremely light, because it’s hard-coated stainless steel with greater toughness achieved through a thinner gauge. The bezel, the case-back, the crown are all screwed into the case, resulting in a powerful construction. Its 100m water-resistance and an excellent shock-resistance are perfect for everything, apart from deep-sea diving.

The colourful dial enhances the aesthetics by bringing in a peppy look, not found in too many serious watches. There’s a preset yachting countdown timer on the dial. It shows 5, 6 and 10 minute countdowns after which, the chronograph starts automatically. The Seiko Velatura 7T84 Caliber offers a free-set countdown timer too that’s set in 1 minute increments and covers up to 15 minutes.

The chronograph function provides split-time measurements and can count up to 12 hours. It shows 1/5-second increments and allows restarting the counters any moment with fast transition of the hands to where they were previously.

There are two alarms – single time and regular. In regular mode, it will beep everyday at the preset time while for the single, it’s only for once. Now, that’s pretty useful in a day to day, urban life.

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Seiko Solar Mens Scuba Divers Sports Watch SNE107P1

Posted by Jasson C on 25th August 2015

Seiko Solar Mens WatchProfessional diving embraces quartz models due to one reason: They are way lighter than their mechanical counterparts. Formerly, when quartz translated to batteries, wearing a quartz watch underwater spelt some amount of trouble; you never knew if the battery is gonna conk on the way. With solar quartzes making into the scene, the fear has been taken care of. They are slim pickings and some are pretty interesting, like the Seiko Prospex Diver SNE107P1.

This is the perfect pick for them looking for a traditional case shape with something with a 3o’clock crown and a price that doesn’t choke you senseless. That way, the Seiko SNE107 is a safe spin.

The Seiko SNE107 is one of the 2011 solar lines of watches that Seiko released. It’s a surprise how Seiko managed to outline its specs according to ISO6425 certification at this price, but there’s no denying a divers watch only gets better with it. It also shows the manufacturer’s commitment towards the type, something which most do not exercise in their budget and entry-level models.

With Seiko Premier Automatic, it is surprising that they invest extra expenses for everything they consider necessary for a watch that’s made for a particular job. The Diver’s text on the dial is therefore, not just for show. Even the good-sized fluted crown announces its true Diver heritage.

But! This is not the type of watch that you either love or hate. You have to give it time to grow on you; maybe, a month or two. The stock bracelet is a great-looking one; however, if you really want to use it for underwater purposes, replace it with an aftermarket NATO or natural rubber strap. It has on advantage: Silicone-like flexibility with the durability of resin! The drilled lug holes make strap changing a breeze.

The size of the watch is another sensible aspect of it. At 42mm, it is neither small for big wrists, nor big for thinner wrists. The size simply imparts an elegance that complements the case size. All those are collectively termed as the Seiko Prospex Titanium, well-programmed into the overall design of the SNE107P1, including the lume and the dark, charcoal-coloured dial. Try it under all kinds of lights; you can never spot the solar panel underneath. A pleasant surprise that comes with the SME107P1 is the blue SAT and red SUN peeping from under the DAY window, but this isn’t good for them with a weak eyesight.

But all in all, the SNE107 is recommended. Not the kind that you’ll pass down to your next generation as an heirloom, but definitely the one you’ll give your next generation when they want to get serious with some or other form of the water sports. Till then, have a great deal of fun wearing it.

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Seiko 5 Automatic 21 Jewels SNK649K1 SNK649K Mens Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 18th August 2015

Seiko 5 Automatic WatchThe value of a good watch depends on multiple factors. From the comfort of wearing it to its flawless performance and lasting; in simple words, it should be a watch that you’ll feel confident to wear. Or placed in a slightly different manner, it must be able to ENDURE.

From all those aspects, the Seiko 5 Automatic 21 Jewels SNK649K1 SNK649K Mens Watch becomes your default, go-to watch; the kind you take off and throw on the table before rolling off in your shack at the end of a hard day or grab it on the go before jump starting a hectic, busy day. You do not want any frills or flashiness to come in between at that time; the top performer in your firm doesn’t necessarily have to be an absolute Adonis! He must be strong, able to take hardships, should never complaint and still stay productive without failing for a single day. The Seiko Kinetic Watch 21 Jewels SNK649K1 SNK649K Mens Watch is just that; its 7S26C, 21 jewel automatic movement and 99 feet water resistance being the primary driving forces behind. It’s a mainstream automatic movement currently in its 19th year of production and its Magic Lever (bi-directional winding) makes up for its lack of manual winding. Dedicated winding bridges are not half as efficient; with aid from the brass bushing (at one end) and a rachet wheel (on the other) and two extra jewels than its predecessor 7002 series calibre support, its third and escape wheels.

The Seiko Prospex Titanium is an expression of a no-nonsense, serious and dedicated corporate style that carries a lot of weight. Its looks are timeless and go for anything between strictly formals and power dressing; so either way, whatever may be the dress code, you save money with buying just one watch. Functional, yet it manages to be fashionable and versatile.

Many of you must be asking by now if this is the best watch or, if it is the best model that Seiko makes at this price point? Is it the most accurate?

To put it simply: YES and NO!

It all depends if you are looking at it from the viewpoints given above and the purposes the Seiko Kinetic Perpetual has been designed for. If you are looking for a solid, hard as a rock and reliable (in its every sense) timepiece to get your job done that doesn’t cost you your two front teeth or your right eye, then this has got to be it! You may even call it a tool watch for its fit to be taken to the field despite its so domestic looks. Throw it around on gravels and in mud and sand; you do not have to worry about it getting bumped and bruised.

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