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Skagen Freja Quartz SKW2382 Women’s Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 1st September 2017

Skagen Freja Quartz SKW2382 Women’s WatchBottom line: A state-of-the-art watch for women whose love for recreational outdoor fun knows no bounds! Dive, splash, swim or play, the Skagen Freja Quartz SKW2382 Women’s Watch is a perfect companion for all your vacation activities. Travel light to travel quick; the Skagen Freja Quartz SKW2382 Women’s Watch relieves you from the burden of carrying any extra watch that you might have required to see around the places of your visited destination.

The word Freja means lady in Danish, which signifies that the Skagen Freja Quartz SKW2382 Women’s Watch was designed with the need of women in mind. Its details were crafted to suit the delicate contours and curves of a woman’s wrist; at 34mm across with a mirrored rim, the Skagen Freja Quartz SKW2382 Women’s Watch has the right amount of sparkle to add the oomph to a clean dial design, with metallic dots to note the hours features numbers except at 12 and 6.

The sleek, stainless steel mesh band is an additional posh touch to the Skagen Freja Quartz SKW2382 Women’s Watch, enhancing its understated elegance all the more. This is a signature Skagen element, embodying Scandinavian aesthetics with simplicity and imparting a clean and sophisticated feel to the Skagen Freja Quartz SKW2382 Women’s Watch. Fully crafted in stainless steel, be prepared to step-up the wrist games in a contemporary, refined and elegant way, with the kind of versatility that’s going to fit any urban daily ensemble. The simply stunning Women’s Skagen Watches and its luxurious finish will ensure you make the most out of this decidedly feminine must-have timepiece.

Modest to look at yet glamorous enough to be worn to a cocktail party, the Skagen Freja Quartz SKW2382 Women’s Watch is your perfect wrist-mate if you want a stylish accessory to adorn your wrist without burdening your mind and your wallet. True, it doesn’t have the durability or water resistance of a piece meant for hardcore professional use; but then again, it’s hyst a vacation that you are heading toward and not some expedition. The Skagen Freja Quartz SKW2382 Women’s Watch will stay true to your needs from the banquet to the beach.

With its minimalist design, Skagen ensures the Skagen Freja Quartz SKW2382 Women’s Watch has its classiness intact serving as its USP. Wear it and forget it; the Skagen Quartz Watch is that kind of a zero headache accessory that puts no weight on you. Just savor the confident, elegant look it imparts you, with added elements of fun to a soberly design. A modern style to give your looks a fresh update, this Danish-inspired design is all about the natural beauty of the coastline where it originates from.

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Skagen Melbye Titanium Case with Mesh Band SKW6007 Mens Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 9th November 2015

Skagen Mens WatchSkagen has a flair for streamlined, high-end designs, which they prove again through the Melbye Titanium case steel mesh watch. Its clean strokes and the brightly coloured inner numerals ring are unique and make it fit for both work and weekend.

The use of Titanium makes the Skagen Melbye both lightweight and strong and gives it a timeless finish. The Danish watchmakers brought in new evolutions in traditional designs; it’s their philosophy of excellence that fuelled the creation of this simplistic beauty, rather than re-packaging usual sporty styles within sophisticated silhouettes. The whole effort came out as a striking design, with inspirations coming from the dress-sports line of thoughts.

The Skagen Melbye Titanium Case with Mesh Band SKW6007 Mens Watch so far, is one of the masterpieces the brand came up with; blending a sporty feel to dressy elements and catchy colours, the neat outcome is a product that’s not age or occasion specific but an all time, all-round wear.

Its prominent features include a round titanium body that flows into somewhat square-ish extensions at the poles (12 & 6) to connect with the mesh band. The titanium is an apt choice in this regard, for it is virtually scratchproof and a fifth of the weight of steel of a similar mass. This makes it an ideal accessory both for work and play and for people with highly sensitive skin. Titanium is the most bio-friendly metal available and is also the most hypo-allergenic.

The next is an easily viewable day and date window. Positioned at three o’clock, it’s in high contrast with the grey dial. Running on analog quartz technology, it is accurate to the point and doesn’t need any user input unlike mechanical watches that must be worn or wound to keep them running. In this case, just a battery replacement every few years would suffice and there stays no such hassles like servicing that are required. The orange ring on the dial brings up a much needed break from the monotony of uniform grey and adds to the watch a vibrancy that pushes it into the sports category.

Atop the dial is a mineral crystal that’s as durable as the Skagen Grenen Watch itself; it ensures you don’t damage the watch if you accidentally bump your wrist against hard surfaces. It is also very hard to scratch, which means, your watch will keep looking like new even after years.

Along with all those there is a 5 meters water resistance that allows you to swim and shower without taking it off your wrist and thereby, cutting the risks of losing it altogether.

The Skagen Titanium Watch is for the person who likes the outdoors but not at the cost of curbed-down sophistication. It’s a wonderful example of simple Danish design, made from the most durable and bio-friendly of all materials. Built to stand the test of time, the ultra-lightweight Skagen Mens Watches brings out your sporty spirit within no time.

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