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Tissot T-Classic Luxury Powermatic 80 Automatic T0864071103100 Mens Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 8th January 2019

Tissot T-Classic Luxury Powermatic 80 Automatic T086.407.11.031.00 T0864071103100 Men’s WatchAlong with the vintage-inspired Tissot released an update of their popular Powermatic line at this year’s Basel World. The new Powermatic 80 Chronometer is an extremely straightforward watch with an 80-hour power reserve and chronometer certified movement, giving you a lot of timekeeping power for your money. The handsome package is an added bonus and here is a hands-on look at this high-value watch from Tissot.

Tissot T-Classic Luxury Powermatic 80 Automatic T086.407.11.031.00 T0864071103100 has teamed up with their Swatch family sibling, ETA, to produce a new movement for a range of budget-minded automatic watches. The new range has been dubbed the Tissot Luxury Automatic and will include both ladies’ and gents’ models with an option for COSC certification. This chronometer movement is housed in a stainless steel case with textured a caseband, “T” signed crown, and sapphire display back (letting you see the lightly decorated movement). At 41mm, the Powermatic 80 Chronometer is a nice size for everyday wear and the clean looks of both the black-on-black and silver tone dials with steel hands and hour markers furthers this aesthetic. It sits nicely on the wrist with short, curved lugs holding either the bracelet or leather strap low on the wrist.

Tissot T-Sport Quickster Quartz Men’s Watch are conservative and should work well as a good option for day to day wear, with styling that is similar to some of the sportier options within the Hamilton Jazzmaster line. The men’s line is 41mm wide and will be just 9.75mm thick, indicating that this new ETA caliber is fairly thin.

Tissot has also included a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating and the water resistance is a reasonable 50m. Buyers will be able to choose between a few different dial designs, a leather strap or bracelet, a PVD two-tone finish and even a diamond-clad dial can be optioned within the COSC range. Pricing starts at $850 USD with the COSC versions topping out at quite a high price. Particularly at this price point, the entire package of the watch should be considered. Here, the stainless steel bracelet feels particularly well-made, with enough heft to make it more sturdy than flimsy bracelets can sometimes feel. The bracelet really lends the piece a vintage feel, as well as an overall airiness that makes Tissot Mens Watch a great choice for summer.

Bottom line: The secret lies with its brand new revolutionary Powermatic 80 movement which has an extraordinary up to 80 hours power reserve. To match the high standards set by the movement, the timepiece’s exterior portrays a purely divine look with unmistakable class, adding that extra irresistible touch.

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Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic

Posted by Jasson C on 15th June 2018

Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s WatchThe Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch is one from OMEGA’s sporty Seamaster collection but not just another one! It is an exquisite example of the renowned watch-making that created some excellent dive watches to add into their heritage and push further the adventurous pioneering spirits.

The Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch hosts a yellow, five-minute countdown tracker on the same sub-dial at 3, working also as a 30-minute counter for the chronograph. The sub-dial at 6 is a 12-hour recorder while the small seconds are counted with the sub-dial at 9.

The primary difference between most other diving watches and the Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch is the matte black (actually, more deep graphite grey than black), ceramic, unidirectional rotating bezel. Mounted upon the 44 mm stainless steel case; there’s a helium-escape valve to assist your watch’s integrity in case you can’t avoid going deep. You may go down till near about 1000 feet. The date shows through the cut-out within the 6’o clock sub-dial.

Other Omega Seamaster watches alike, the Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch too comes with quite a few technological advancements, ideally crafted for excellence in the seafaring arena. The crown is one; the Seamaster Regatta conforms to the screw-in guidelines and stays watertight even under huge pressures. Together with the helium valve, it enables safe wearing in professional pressure chambers. The helium-escape valve efficiently siphons off helium before it can create any damage.

It’s an automatic Omega Co-Axial Caliber 3330 column-wheel chronograph movement with a free sprung-balance inside. Omega Mens Watch equipped the 3330 with a Si14 silicon balance-spring this time. They also hiked the power reserve to 52 hours, on a fully wound mainspring. Before you wear it for the first time, wind it up full for once. You should do that again if you ever keep it off-wrist for more than 48 hours. The co-axial escapement is a part of it. It’s based on the Longines L688, which again is based on the ETA A08.L01.

The Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch is precise in its functions and solid in its build. Credits also go to the domed, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal (with dual-side anti-reflective treatment) for contributing to the overall toughness of the watch.

Bottom line: The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Automatic Men’s Watch is a dazzling mix of black and yellow and stands out as a piece that’s somewhere between unattractively dark and ludicrously bright. Powered by an Omega Co-Axial calibre 3330, officially certified chronometer automatic movement, this phenomenal watch is the choice for many of the world’s greatest sailors.

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Stuhrling Original Aquadiver Manta Ray Swiss Quartz 718.04 Mens Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 8th November 2016

Stuhrling Original Aquadiver Manta Ray Swiss Quartz 718.04 Mens WatchThere’s nothing much to be told in particular about the Stuhrling Original Aquadiver Manta Ray Swiss Quartz 718.04 Mens Watch, for you don’t paint a lily. Stührling’s commitment to preserve its high manufacturing standards shows again through this fine timepiece that takes extraordinary style quite a few flights higher!

The Manta Ray: At a glance

This special edition of Stuhrling’s Aquadiver series maintains the core dive watch standards yet making it perfect to be worn at a party; doesn’t matter if it’s on the beach or elsewhere.

Prime features

Brushed stainless steel case; unidirectional ratcheting bezel; eye-catching black, textured and hydraulically stamped dial with orange markings to bring in an immense visual impact! Nesting a precision Swiss quartz movement inside, the Stuhrling Original Aquadiver Manta Ray Swiss Quartz 718.04 Mens Watch is also water-resistant to 200 m and can be taken down under water for 600 feet (safety threshold).

What makes it special?

The Stuhrling Original Aquadiver Manta Ray Swiss Quartz 718.04 Mens Watch showcases the same dedication to the brand’s horological heritage and therefore, appeals to the most discriminating of tastes without crossing the comfort zone in terms of price.

The Stuhrling Original Vogue Swiss Quartz 718.04 Mens Watch is an example of what meticulous labour and rigorous testing can bear. It’s the vision of the Stührling Original brand that has been brought to life in a different form through intelligent efforts towards striving for a remarkable quality.

Why should you go for the Manta Ray Aquadiver?

Apart from the fact that a watch plays a vital part in your overall outfit, it is a handy piece of instrument that shows you the time when pulling out your cell phone is not quite a bright idea. That could be when both of your hands are occupied with some rigorous manual task, or when you are amidst the fun and frolic on the beach or busy gardening or maybe busy at doing something when the cell phone might bring in a lot of distraction.

But everything apart, the Stuhrling Original Zolara Manta Ray Swiss Quartz 718.04 Mens Watch brings you a great opportunity to own a Swiss Diver watch for less, but without sacrificing any of the aspects that bestowed the Swiss Diver-s their fame. Besides, its exceptionally versatile design is a big plus and it goes with almost any kind of outfit save strict party or business formals. The great rubber strap ensures it won’t wear out like leather or rust like steel (as it often occurs with low-priced watches).

Overall, it’s a sturdy choice when it comes to serious business and the least you need at that time is worrying for something you adore quite a bit!

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Invicta Angel Crystal Accented 17488 Womens Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 12th May 2016

Invicta Womens WatchesIn the higher plane of harmonizing, the Invicta Angel Crystal Accented 17488 Womens Watch is a perfectly balanced functional accessory. It’s one of the watches holding a graceful diversity with every sartorial dogma. There are touches that offer to satisfy moods, occasions and tastes. With one condition, the settings should be elegant. This is not your average beer-pub watch, but it’s great for the girls’ night outs! Its sturdiness shall showcase the aspects of feminine prowess with no bounds.

Not all inspired creations are jewellery, or some fashion item; Invicta demonstrates the hypothesis through its technical and design prowess. The Invicta Angel Crystal Accented 17488 Womens Watch is not just a timepiece of style but also of a good value. It’s one of those very well-crafted timepieces offered at an extremely modest sum. The price makes it a piece of Swiss luxury for anyone who desires it. It’s a bigger door to witness the Invicta quality and its value.

The impressive accents and elements on the bezel and the dial are intricate; bringing forth a truly dainty, feminine appeal. The Roman numerals and the seconds-marks bring the dial its fullness while the squares on the top create a well-defined dial border and impart prominence to the whole of the dial.

The design itself brings out the spirit of never-ending possibilities in your everyday life. It sends up a flare for the wearer to look well-defined. Spending is not just about an amount but also the way you spend it, which means, wisely. Its strong construction brings out the gutsy side of Swiss!

The Invicta Titanium Chronograph Accented 17488 Womens Watch is guaranteed to keep attracting followers. It is how years of training builds up to a great deal of pride of achieving the glorious Swiss standard. The crystal-studded Invicta Angel packs in guts with the courage of convictions. Appreciate the stronger side of ladies’ fashion! It’s for the times you want to dress heavily for the ethereal energies to connect you with time following Angelic patterns.

The crystal-accented Invicta Angel has been built keeping power-dressing in mind, but it goes with most of the fashionable outfits of today. It is an even symbol of fashion and luxury, specifically tailored to suit specific styles more.

The Angel sets up a harmonious relation between a supernal design and high-quality, gold-plated stainless steel. Its beauty and purity creates a stunning pattern that blends in seamlessly with most colour schemes, throwing any creative fashionista off-the-brink with its simple elegance. This is highly unlikely of any of the blatant creations that stand out from the ensemble without really making any difference. The Invicta Angel, though big, thick and immensely affordable, it is still a luxury quartz timepiece for the most hard-to-please fashion diva. The Invicta Swiss Pro Diver Watches will meet the needs and preferences for design, colour and style.

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Diesel Advanced Chronograph Black Dial Ion Plated DZ4223 Mens Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 17th March 2016

Diesel Advanced Chronograph Black Dial Ion Plated DZ4223 Mens WatchDiesel is known for its bold, big and brave watch sizes and though it might seem some have more bells and whistles than a steam engine, this ‘Advanced’ chronograph stands as a stark contrast to the statement. The Diesel Advanced Chronograph Black Dial Ion Plated DZ4223 Mens Watch us all business and an understated style, despite its bold design, wide bracelet and a high-tech function. All these elements get together to make Diesel stand out in more than one way, which makes you plunge into its uniqueness for many years to come.

The Diesel Advanced Chronograph Black Dial Ion Plated DZ4223 Mens Watch has a cutting edge, youthful but matured design. It’s free from frills and gimmicks, with only the essential features that make for a watch of substance. It’s reliable, accurate, durable and precise in its measurement of time, fitting into an active lifestyle with ease. A combination of futuristic thinking with a contemporary urban flair, the Diesel Advanced Chronograph Black Dial Ion Plated DZ4223 Mens Watch has something to attract everyone.

The Diesel Advanced Chronograph Black Dial Ion Plated DZ4223 Mens Watch lives up to the excellence and reputation the brand has earned over all these years. The vivid design suits all tastes; it’s essentially masculine and unmistakably noticeable. Agreed that it can’t split seconds to thousandth parts of them but what it offers is very much suitable when your adrenalin is on the turf. Or, when tyres are burning on the tarmac and you want to record the time of your favourite rider/driver yourself. It’s a chronograph that can keep track of everything in a modern, urban life, its smooth outlook blending in with formal atmospheres where wearing an inconspicuously tech-looking accessory is just impolite. You must look elegant and intriguing and the Diesel Advanced Chronograph Black Dial Ion Plated DZ4223 Mens Watch just grants you that look.

The metal bracelet is striking and is suitable for all sorts of urban affairs. It complements the bold face design well; the exquisite workmanship rather creates a work of art suiting several tastes and lifestyles.

In short, the Diesel Oversized Chronograph Watches are very attractive, well crafted piece of functional accessory with a fit and finish that competes with much more expensive brands. The large case is striking not because of its size but its construction and finish. The lume is descent but not as bright as the divers’. The white tip on the total black hands make reading time easy and also makes a cool fashion statement and is a sharp, unconventional contrast to the usual norm. If you want to make a rugged fashion statement, look no further than the Diesel Advanced Chronograph Black Dial Ion Plated DZ4223 Mens Watch.

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Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer Chronograph SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 9th February 2016

Seiko Velatura Mens WatchWearing fine timepieces is one thing while enjoying it is something else. The Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer Chronograph SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch allows both! As a top notch choice for practical men and women, it denotes success not via waste. Its efficiency is reason enough to don it.

A high-end watch is the culture of luxury. You either live in it or you don’t. Understand the culture of luxury – it is collective desire and appreciation for everything finely made with display tags reading expensive, classy, high-society etc. To be successfully successful, good taste important.

Luxury is also about social values and the Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer Chronograph SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch act as a very real descriptor. It allows you to be comfortable in social involvements while keeping you ready for scenarios where it can display its real prowess.

The launch of the Velatura series (2007) got Seiko started challenging the open oceans. Characterized by robustness, durability and high functionality, Velatura is the watch partner of the International 49er Class Association. It currently forms the core for the brand’s renowned marine collections and it amazes also with its unique design and advanced features, not just by its high performance. It comes specially developed for professional sailors.

Seiko gives functionality an upper hand with the Seiko Prospex Diver SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch. It is an advanced instrument for yacht racing, in a unique, striking design. Functional and attractive, it satisfies the highest of professional standards.

The Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer Chronograph SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch is extremely tough but at the same time, extremely light, because it’s hard-coated stainless steel with greater toughness achieved through a thinner gauge. The bezel, the case-back, the crown are all screwed into the case, resulting in a powerful construction. Its 100m water-resistance and an excellent shock-resistance are perfect for everything, apart from deep-sea diving.

The colourful dial enhances the aesthetics by bringing in a peppy look, not found in too many serious watches. There’s a preset yachting countdown timer on the dial. It shows 5, 6 and 10 minute countdowns after which, the chronograph starts automatically. The Seiko Velatura 7T84 Caliber offers a free-set countdown timer too that’s set in 1 minute increments and covers up to 15 minutes.

The chronograph function provides split-time measurements and can count up to 12 hours. It shows 1/5-second increments and allows restarting the counters any moment with fast transition of the hands to where they were previously.

There are two alarms – single time and regular. In regular mode, it will beep everyday at the preset time while for the single, it’s only for once. Now, that’s pretty useful in a day to day, urban life.

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Stuhrling Original Divers 200M Quartz 676.01.SET

Posted by Jasson C on 18th January 2016

Stuhrling Original Divers 200M Quartz 676.01.SETAre water sports your thing? Do you take pleasure in recreational diving? Is your watch appropriate for such fun activities? Or, do you need to leave it back at room for the fear of causing it accidental damages? In such cases, the Stuhrling Original Diver’s 676.01 SET comes up as the timepiece of choice. Inexpensive, solid, sturdy and precise, it is for the fun lover who is willing to take the fun up by several notches. Stuhrling has struck the real soft spot for divers with their Aquadiver 676.

The 676 embodies oceanic expeditions. Built for the wild and open seas and underneath, its unique, unidirectional, rotating bezel shows its appropriateness for underwater usage. The bezel allows to accurately measure durations spent underwater, while on the ground, it helps to keep track of elapsed time.

The Aquadiver 676 is all about remaining calm, collected and sporty by nature. Classy by many more things than just a design, this is a timepiece to add another level to watch-wearing experience. You may don it to an elegant affair, take it out to the sea and haul heavy things around preparing for a voyage. Immerse it in water adventures; it is where you can feel Stührling Original’s technical prowess and beautiful dive concepts.

It is constructed from solid stainless steel with a unidirectional, ratchet-ing bezel on top of the dial, surrounding the Krysterna crystal – a more shatter-resistant watch glass variety than the sapphire crystals. They are also more scratch-resistant than mineral crystals, meaning it’s not going to break easy. Making a crack stands a chance once in a blue moon. This is because Krysterna has more strength over a spread surface area than both sapphire and mineral crystals. The metal/crystal combination makes it a suitable watch for heavy-duty use.

The dial has a simple, yet dark elegance to it. Black and red makes the contrast is high yet not as to hurt the eyes. The matte finish makes it easy to read, even 200 meters deep! A high grade stainless steel bracelet holds the Stuhrling Original Delphi Men’s Skeleton Watch to your wrist. The overall construction conveys durability, including the Ronda 515 Swiss quartz movement.

This Stuhrling Original Mens Watches are also very easy to read. The watch’s colour elements both complement and contrast each other to offer a sharp view. You can read it without bringing it closer to your nose.

The Stuhrling Original Men’s Concorso Watch Aquadiver pretty hard to beat on the price point and its features makes it a serious consideration for those wanting something good within a budget. At 42mm (d) vs 14mm (thick), it is also suitable for first time watch wearers, bordering between neither too big, nor too small.

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Emporio Armani Sportivo Chronograph AR5935 Men’s Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 6th January 2016

Emporio Armani Sportivo Chronograph AR5935 Men's WatchAnyone even moderately dressed in contemporary attire do not need an introduction to Armani. Those stepping or stepped into good clothing – Emporio Armani is an ultra high end brand whereas Giorgio Armani is the man behind it!

The label is mostly designed by Giorgio himself. There’s variety in the brand. Clothing and other accessory items aside, the label presents an extensive range of unique watches. These are the Emporio Armani watches, higher-end than the Armani Exchange line.

Giorgio Armani’s focus has always been the same; he wants his watch to tell more than just time. It is also to reveal something about the wearer. The outlook inspired some of the most distinctive creations to hit the fashion-scene hard. Emporio Armani line becomes a force to be reckoned with. The fashion of highlighting a little to the wearer’s every side was in.

Cool, casual, spirited and sporty, the Sportivo AR5935 chronograph is for the times when outing aboard a private yacht. Or – amidst a dressy date and dinner. Or, just any festive mood, that way. It has just the right look for every personality, mindset, mood and occasion; doesn’t matter what state of mind you are in. The Emporio Armani Watches confident design has a presence of its own.

The primary USP is the stunning design given a strong, smooth finish. Being an exclusive brand, a high quality built is assured. Its value is comparably higher than most of its similarly-priced alternatives. Sophistication comes with a modern touch in the Sportivo chronograph.

The sleek form brings it under the category of fashionable and modern dress watches. An informed yet freewheeling look gets boost from its youthful lines; the finest of materials to stand considerably larger impacts, the Mens Emporio Armani Watches are a favourite among the young and active in the upper crust. It conveys a classy coolness that’s more urban with its pairing of ultra-sophisticated leather and icy-cool stainless steel with a warm glow. It harbours an irresistible urge towards the satisfaction of the youthful, fashion spirit.

Elegantly sporty, its large, rose-gold ionic-plated stainless steel case and dark blue dial and subdials (with rose-gold accents) and band bring a look of utter refinement with formal, corporate or ethnic attires. As extra functionality, the three-eye chronograph measures time of an event up to 60 minutes and there’s a date window.

The coming together of sport and fashion within the barriers of sophistication is a rare phenomenon at a price point as with the Mens Emporio Armani Watch AR5935 Men’s Watch. An unbeatable style that goes from the boardroom to the ballroom, its funky-formal looks is assured to merge flawlessly into brightly-lit cubicles as much as under the dimly-lit chandeliers and candles.

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Nautica NSR 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 18th December 2015

Nautica WatchesNautica is a well known brand that has so far been immensely successful in combining distinctive styles and bold colours to create some really unique designs. The inspiration for most of the Nautica watches come from the sport of sailing and the Nautica NSR 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch is one of them.

It’s an energetic lifestyle the Nautica NSR 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch reflects. Its appeal has proved equally irresistible to global consumers and the style is not the only reason behind. But then again, speaking of the style, it is an epitome of classic American styling. Blending with it the latest technical innovations, it makes for a bold choice to people who are always at the go. Its durable resin band is a proof enough; it has been created keeping in mind the wear and tear of rough playgrounds while the premium stopwatch mechanism inside shows its capabilities for accurate sports timekeeping. It can be thus said the Nautica NSR 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch is a perfect combination between sportiness and reliability.

Its powerful built doesn’t come from the styling alone but from the high-grade materials that go into it; from the stainless steel used for the watch case to the hardened mineral glass, every component is carefully selected and made to withstand the pressure of demanding, high-energy sports. Beautiful yet resistant to intense impacts, knocks and bumps, this makes the Nautica BFD 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch earn most of the points in the field of utilitarian designs.

Talking about the fit, it is the snuggest one that you will find in any watch belonging to the same price category. It is meant to survive the decades, so it must also attach to its owner accordingly. Playing hard on the land or in the water is not possible unless your watch sticks to you; the Nautica Classic 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch makes sure it doesn’t leave place no matter how adverse the situation might be. Its energetic design and fun-to-wear feel is seldom going to make you leave it behind when you go out. And that’s not just to the playgrounds only.

The quartz chronograph movement of the Nautica NST 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch is a reliable one too, with a high degree of accuracy and a more than decent battery life, even with frequent usage of the chronograph. Zero maintenance charges apart from battery replacements every 2 to 3 years, the Nautica NSR 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch is for people who are not particularly careful about their wrist wear, yet want to sport a stylish timepiece with contrasting colour combinations that shock in a very subtle way.

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Orient Automatic 21 Jewels World Time Power Reserve FA06001B Mens Watch

Posted by Jasson C on 4th December 2015

Orient Automatic 21 Jewels World Time Power Reserve FA06001B Mens WatchOrient signed to sponsor the SUBARU TECNICAL INTERNATIONAL INC. (STI) in 2009 to test the functionality and durability of their watches as they share the pressure of the racetracks with their respective wearer. It was to prove that Japanese Engines are always the best. It’s the same degree of seriousness that goes into the Orient Automatic 21 Jewels World Time Power Reserve FA06001B Mens Watch.

The first thing we can say about the Orient Automatic 21 Jewels World Time Power Reserve FA06001B Mens Watch is it has something very different from other world time watches. This brings the watch its WOW factor and puts it head and shoulders above competitions, even with some of the Swiss!

The highlight of the watch is its dial. Apart from the exuding class and a fine craftsmanship, emphasis goes into its two-layer main dial. There are two chapter rings, with the world time (inner) and names of the cities (outer) written on them. Very clearly printed and therefore, very legible, the external ring rotates as the 4’oclock crown is turned.

Setting the world time needs aligning your current city to the current time on the 24 hour chapter ring. This aligns the rest of the cities (all in different time zones) to their respective current time; however, this is not a digital watch so daylight savings time does not apply.

Inside, there ticks an Orient Automatic Classic 46K40 movement, which doesn’t take manual winding and doesn’t hack. But, with the power reserve meter, manual winding is not a big factor since you always know when to shake it up a bit. But then again, with its fabulous wrist presence, you shall give it a fair amount of wrist time, which takes care of the winding part. Four to 6 hours of wearing winds it up fully.

As for the hacking part, it is important for COSC certified watches or those syncing to atomic signals; besides, this one is much more accurate (+ 7 seconds a day) than normal mechanical watches and doesn’t require resetting every now and then. Among the extra, there’s a display back that allows seeing the movement inside. The movement is a decorated one with 21 jewels; there are Geneva-styled waves and swirls machined on it. Sapphire crystals on both sides (on the dial and on the caseback) with ARC (anti-reflective coating) make it even more attractive!

Overall, the Orient Automatic 21 Jewels World Time Power Reserve FA06001B Mens Watch is a very satisfying watch that never fails to perform its duty. It is of a great value and compares very well with entry-level Swiss made watches, at a price that’s far lower. Agreed even by fans of Swiss timepieces, the Orient Classic Automatic FA06001B Mens Watch conveys a quality that’s simply great and capable of changing the perceptions of a lot of people to whom Swiss is synonymous to watches.

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